Emcee, Feline Actor, Passes Peacefully at 15

I’m bad with loss, so I don’t want to dwell too much. However, it’s important that I take the time to write a few words about one of my closest, most loving, enduring, and cherished friends. I felt that he deserved a proper obituary and tribute for his accomplishments, even if it was only on my blog page.


Alexander Volson Von Holden III, better known as TVs Emcee the Cat, passed peacefully last night, after the rapid onset of kidney failure. Surrounded by the ones that loved him the most, his end was dignified and painless.

Emcee enjoyed a brief period of fame on public access television, appearing in several live-action short films in the Defender of the Apartment series. He also appeared as a recurring character on SJTV’s The Video Cookbook, an irreverent comedy that mixed cocktail preparation segments with absurd bits of sitcom.

Emcee is survived by his adoptive parents Eric, better known as “Letter K”, and Amethyst, and his adoptive younger siblings Bagger the Cat and Mason.

Now, for my personal thoughts…

It was extremely difficult to watch Emcee slip away so quickly. One day he was plodding around, skinny but happy, lying on my chest for naps, meowing insistently for treats, and licking water from his custom water fountain. But, in a matter of days, he deteriorated to the point where we felt the need to take him to the local 24-hour pet clinic. There, it was determined that his time had come.

One of the hardest parts of taking your best friend to his end at the dead of night turned out being the sweet young clerk, who fought bravely to keep herself from succumbing to our grief, yet ultimately gave in. Still, seeing my baby boy finally at peace was calming; he struggled with old age for some time, and now he rests.

On our way out, one of the nurses said she was sorry that this was how we should meet. I told her that it was okay. After all, we were celebrating a great life, not morning a sudden passing.

I want strongly for everyone to believe that. I know Emcee was a part of many lives, and I want everyone to remember him just as he was: a purse-snuggling, shoulder-bopping, lap-flopping, horror movie watching kitten TV star that touched our lives.

As proof, I’ve put together a little show. It starts with my favorite, purposely poorly produced Defender of the Apartment episode, and is followed by Emcee’s biggest stand alone episode of the VCB, with all the drink segments and commercials taken out.

I love you buddy.

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