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Everything I want to do.

Things to do…

The scope of my endeavors don’t really hold meaning until you get a look at “The List”. I’ll be updating it as I go along, hopefully quite often.


THE LIST (in no particular order)

Graduate from College
Launch a Product Company
Sell a script
Produce a Web TV show
Make a music video
Finish my solo album
Complete “The Alphabet Asylum’s” final album
Take the wife to Hawaii
Produce the pilot for an animated sitcom
Make my first million
Monetize my blog (asking too much?)
Successfully flip and sell old arcade machines
Start a repair business
Start a new band and play live
Paint something that appears in an art show
Learn the play the piano
Learn a second language
See script I’ve written made into a movie
TV show

more to come, I’m sure…

eatelephantDewey Cavender told me this, once, when I needed some solid advice. Must have been good, since I remember it, and am starting to listen within ten years of him saying it.