What’s That All About?

The premise seems rather simple: quit your job so you’ll have the free time to actually do something with your life.

This is what I’ve done. I have a business plan that I believe will make me a financial success, but I couldn’t get passed the “GO” tile while working in the grocery industry, with split days off and hours that ranged the entire span of a day.

I also have an ever-lengthening list of things I want to accomplish, but never had the time for. I’m an artist; a musician, a painter, a cinematographer. Now I can chase these pursuits.

I’m an electronics technology graduate, and I love classic arcade machines. I’ve always wanted to start up a repair business. Now I can do that.

I have screenplays that need finishing. And I want them to sell, and watch them be turned into movies.

Plus the business idea, and so many other things…

The catch? Well, you have to actually prove yourself, and do it before you run out of money. Now, I have to use at least one of my endeavors to monetize my existence, or it’s back to work for the man.

And that’s what this blog is all about.

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