Mountain View

About The Asylum

The Alphabet Asylum was a Stockton, Ca based live hip-hop band that focused on funky rhythms, driving lyrics, and zany stage performances. Operating from 2008-2013, The Asylum played shows throughout the Central Valley, delighting hip-hop heads and drunk women alike, with their complicated DJ setup and plush toy giveaways. The Asylum released two full-length albums, both of which can still be found here, and on iTunes.

Little Known Fact

Letter K is slightly obsessed with carnival games, which is where all the plush toys given away at shows came from. The Alphabet Aslum had so many plush toys left over when they disbanded, that they tripled the Christmas collection toy drive haul of local church with the donation of their surplus stuffed toys. The Asylum still has a few bags left in Bassy J's closet to this day.