Mountain View

The Balance

The debut album! Heavy doses of funky base lines, quick-witted lyrics, and old-flavor DJ scratch breaks, "The Balance" did more than just give Letter K an opportunity to rap about how fresh he is. With help from a number of musical talents, The Asylum was able to fill out their live sound with extra instruments, vocals, and samples, to create a truly unique hip-hop album. Available on iTunes.

The Oath

Produced just in time, before DJ Resolution moved to Arizona, "The Oath" is a labor of love, culminating all of the years The Asylum spent together, perfecting their sound. Another heavily augmented studio release, "The Oath" features even more extra funky elements not presented live, including horn and saxaphone work, as well as a number of guest vocalists. A more story-driven LP, Letter K raps about things like freaky one-night stands and wild, drunken parties. COMING SOON