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About E.A.R.L.

E.A.R.L. A California based rock band guaranteed to blow your socks off and make your daughters wake up with a headache. With a firm dedication to entertaining, E.A.R.L. brings the fun to their live shows and music videos. Their songs range in style and complexity, moving from booty shaking rock to bittersweet anthems to stuck in your head reggae grooves. A 2007 Modesto Music Area Award winner and 2011 Semi-Finalist on Facebook’s Gimme the Gig, E.A.R.L. has dominated California’s Central Valley music scene for years.

E.A.R.L.'s Anthology

E.A.R.L. has recently released their 5th full length album, "Last Call", featuring 12 never before released recordings. Add an E.P. release to that mix, and E.A.R.L.'s collection of music is quite profound. With a wide range of musical styles, including rock, punk, hip-hop, ska, and ragae, there's little wonder why E.A.R.L. enjoys a dedicated following throughout the Central Valley of California. It's never too late to add a little E.A.R.L. to your music collection, available at shows, and on iTunes