Mountain View

E.A.R.L. Music

With one E.P. and 5 incredible albums, E.A.R.L. music is too vast a category to describe in the space provided here. Below are some examples from the incompareable body of work that E.A.R.L. has produced, and the entire anthology is available for purchase on iTunes

Little Known Fact

The name E.A.R.L. isn't really an ackronym. Years ago, E.A.R.L. was slapped with a cease and desist order from a band with the same name. As a solution, E.A.R.L. put the dots in their name. Now, it has become the stuff of legend, as people try to figure out what E.A.R.L. stands for. Fan favorites include: "Everbody Ass Rams Larry" and "Eat a Real Lesbian".